MICHIGAN Agritours (also Simby: Sustainability In My Back Yard) organizes trips for families and school groups, private parties and the general public to visit family farms. We offer you an experience of sustainability as it is practiced by some of the people who live nearby. Our tours are fun, relaxing and educational. In the process, you learn about good food and healthy eating, you help preserve precious farmland, and you support local businesses. MICHIGAN Agritours invites you to celebrate the land, connect with the people, and taste the future.

Our vision is to enhance the relationship between farmer and consumer. For the farmer, their revenue increases as a direct result of hosting our agritour, as well as from repeat visits by our agritourists. For the consumer, uniting farmers and consumers through direct sales restores a long-lost relationship. By sharing and celebrating our land, food and ideas, we will strengthen Michigan’s local food economy and contribute to a more resilient community.

Lauren Zinn, Ph.D.
Lauren is a graduate of an interdisciplinary doctoral program (Urban, Technological, Environmental Planning) from the U of M. She specializes in educational planning and loves to organize events that get people involved, educated, and having fun. She is passionate about bringing a farm-based experience into our urban lifestyles. She knows everyone that Gillian knows only a generation older. Every time Gillian talks to Lauren, she learns something new and exclaims, “What haven’t you done?”

Gillian Ream, M.S.
Gillian is a graduate of the School of Natural Resources at U of M. She excels in environmental education and leadership training. She is passionate about issues related to our food and energy systems and to communicating this knowledge to kids and adults. She knows everyone that Lauren knows only a generation younger. Every time Lauren talks to Gillian, she learns something new and exclaims, “Who don’t you know?”

• Individuals, Families, School Groups, Youth Groups (including faith-based), Teachers-in-Training, International Visitors, and Growing Farmers
• Customized tours and Group rates are available.

• Connect people who eat with people who grow
• Help farmers establish new distribution networks
• Teach and inspire Agritourists about sustainable agriculture.

When you agritour with us, you celebrate sustainability, preserve the land, promote local business, meet cool folks, and taste great food. What could be better?


1 –Customization.
As instructional designers, we create interactive, fun and relaxing tours to fit the needs of any group. Needs may be specified according to size of group, age of participants, subject matter requested, themed learning, and curriculum coordination.

2 – Education.
During an agritour, the unique features of each farm are presented in various formats ranging from simple listening to interactive multilogue with fellow agritourists. Expect to chew on what you see, swallow what you hear, and digest new ideas.

3 – Distribution.
Farms are selected based on specific criteria including size, scale, methods, products, location and need. A portion of our profit is donated to the farmers for sharing their farms with us. In addition, we generate new ways for consumers to develop direct sales relationships with the farmers.

4 – Inspiration.
When you see what other guys are doing, you’ll want to do it too. We plan to offer classes in some of the sustainable practices you’ll be experiencing. SIMBY, Sustainability In My Back Yard truly becomes Sustainability In Your Back Yard.

Come Agritouring and meet your Inner Farmer!

Remember to ask about our group rates.
And feel good about making donations to our “Growing Farmers Scholarship Fund”.