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Michigan Agritours offers fun, interactive adventures that celebrate our local food, land, and people. Whether you’re milking cows, making chocolate, or tasting delicious goods from local entrepreneurs, each agritour is an unforgettable experience!

Bike and Beer Tour

Posted By on April 12, 2011

What better way to finish a long bike ride than with a cold, refreshing craft-brewed beer from one of Michigan’s many small breweries? You’ll meet brewers, taste barley, and see how your beer came to be. Whether you’ve never been on a bike tour before or you’re an experienced roadie, it’s guaranteed to be fun and delicious.

Hoops! Four Season Farming

Posted By on April 12, 2011

HOOP! There it is. Hoop houses, or “high tunnels” as the technical folk say, are revolutionizing the world of cold-climate farming. Made of translucent plastic on a steel frame, hoop houses don’t need any extra energy. They use the light of the sun and the warmth of the ground to stay warm – over 50F – all winter long!

See how local farmers are using hoop house technology to grow greens in the middle of January, start seeds in early spring, and drastically increase their growing capacity.

Amish “ag”Retreat

Posted By on January 20, 2011

This is a unique half-day, all day or overnight trip depending on your schedule.  This tour includes a visit to a traditional Amish Farm where you chat with the family and see their homestead.  And, it is complemented by a tour to a “transitional farm”  that was once Amish and is now in the process of converting to hybrid-electric (wind and solar) energy including energy generated by a horse on a treadmill.  You’ll learn about the goals of the Learning Center on this farm and tour the property.  Traditional Amish meals will be provided and Amish goods will be available for sale.  We’ll include time for questions and answers, conversation and new ideas. This site attracts a variety 0f ages and interests including youth groups, girl scouts, interfaith ministers, and classes of students from elementary, middle and high school. (Not available on Sundays)